Joining the Federation

Why should I join?

Your child is reason enough! It is a great way to get involved in your child’s education and learn more about what is happening in your child’s school. It is also an opportunity to meet other parents and educators in your community to discuss school and education issues that are important to you, Curriculum content, class size, school bus safety, drugs and health education - these are just a few of the current ideas being raised with government. As you can see, the more members Home and School has the stronger our voice.

How Do I Join?

You can contact your local Home and School Association President, your child’s school or contact the provincial Home and School Federation office. If your school doesn’t have a Home and School association, think about getting some parents together and start one -

Do I have to attend many meetings?

No, only attend the ones that are of interest to you. But you are always welcome to attend. Your concerns and suggestions are always important to your local association. Remember there are many ways to be active in Home and School…check us out!